Is trying to stay organized (and failing) in your business costing you time and money?

What if you could feel completely organized on a daily basis?  

Most planners overwhelm me. There are too many boxes to fill out, too many things to check off, and there’s no room for creativity. And really?

I felt like I wasn’t succeeding because of those empty boxes.

With no room to build out as you need it, stock planners just don’t cut it for many of us, because  your brain either works that way or it doesn’t.

My brain didn’t work that way.

That’s why I created the Brain Book methodology.

Brain Book Group Coaching

4 weeks to total business organization

If you’ve ever felt like planners just didn’t get you, you’re in the right place.

We’re going to work together through 4 weeks of live classes where I’m going to get down and dirty with you about how I’m running my organization that’s sold millions in product. And it is 100% money back guaranteed. PLUS a Bonus Q&A session and a private one-to-one call with me.

This is exactly how I’ve done it.

So what is a Brain Book?

It’s a place and a space to have all of your needs met in one big, beautiful binder. With my methodology, you’ll learn how to deeply integrate the why of the system along with YOUR why to create something unique to you. Once you’ve created your completely customized system, you’ll be able to point to this book, and say, “That’s my brain.”

Yep. It’s really this simple. A system doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to run an organization effectively.

How it works:

We’re going to have 100 women entrepreneurs, just like you, on live videos four times this fall on the weekends!

And since there will be 100 of you, I guarantee there will be 100 ways to do it. You’ll learn the foundational steps so you can clear the clutter and clear the noise. We keep it simple so you can build it the way you want that works for you, not anyone else.

You’re going to feel at home in your brain book because it’s not something that was created by someone else.

So that’s the Brain Book.

It’s organization that fits you, your business, and your lifestyle. You don’t have to make yourself fit inside anyone’s little box. You’re going to make your own boxes. Or circles. Or trapezoids!

What you get:

  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group
  • 4 60-minute videos (they will be recorded)
  • A bonus Q&A video to answer any last questions
  • Email Support
  • 4 PDF Homework Sheets
  • A list of supplies to create your Brain Book
  • Unlimited Access to all of our past live BB trainings

What are you waiting for?

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    An Introduction

    • An invitation to the Brain Book how to use this course

    • 2021 Do I Have a Business Workbook

    • BONUS: Fall Business Academy 2021 How to know if you have a business

  • 2

    Prework: POWER HOUR >> 15 minutes of Focus to do more

    • Download: Power Hour

    • Download: Power Hour tasks lists

    • Link to full Power Hour training

  • 3

    Welcome Week One and your Brain Book pages

    • Welcome to Week One!

    • Brain Book a New Year, New You in any season with this technique

    • CANVA customization of your Brain Book for sellers with party plans

    • A Plan Sheet wow weeks


    • Download: Brain Book Dividers for sellers


    • BONUS: A review of your systems with my biz bestie and a peek at Brain Book pages

  • 4

    Your WHY STORY

    • Why Story

    • Your Why Story part 1

    • Your Why Story part 2

  • 5

    Vision Week Two

    • Vision Video

    • Download: Vision Casting

    • 10 Tips for Living in Your Vision

    • Brain Book Live in Your Vision

  • 6

    Money Story Week Three

    • Download: Money Story

  • 7

    90 Day Goals Week Four

    • Money Magnet and 90 Day Goals

    • Become a Money Magnet with 90 Days of Networking

    • Become a Money Magnet with a 90 Day Money Map

    • Become a Money Magnet with 90 Days of scheduled plans

  • 8

    Ideal Client

    • How to Use the Ideal Client interview with clients and team for direct selling

    • Ideal Client Conversations and 20 questions worksheet

    • Ideal Client worksheet

  • 9

    BONUS: Office Organization for direct sellers

    • Office and Brain Book Buildout

    • Eliminate the Overwhelm office organization

    • The Decluttered Mom ~ Diana Rene

    • Clear the Clutter Office Part 1

    • Clear the Clutter Office Part 2

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