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What to Say Every Day

Our Content Creator Calendar. Strategies and tools to support you with WHAT TO SAY EVERY DAY. You’ll never run out of things to say or post. And you can get insights into our yearlong training for Social Selling. Download our TRELLO planning board.

The CHALLENGE Challenge

How to use a 5 Day Challenge to host a LIVE WORKSHOP and support and then sell to your Clients and Fans. We love a short challenge to create curiosity and encourage prospects to get to know us.


“How do I release myself from this hassle and overwhelm while growing?” I get it. The long to-do list. The feeling it is impossible to take days off. Returning to our BUSYNESS DETOX and HALT THE HUSTLE and this is our third area in STOP THE STRUGGLE


This original video is from one of my favorite conversations as we initially built out our ELEV8 IN 8 intensive and I shared that I have those days where I am looking for the magic pill... that one thing that will change everything. 




Are you seeking out a community of raving fans where you can create impact? Do you want to learn how to utilize a free Facebook group to create that engagement? Join us here to learn the strategies for leveraging FB to create a coaching practice.