This original video is from one of my favorite conversations as we initially built out our ELEV8 IN 8 intensive and I shared that I have those days where I am looking for the magic pill... that one thing that will change everything. 

I was coming off a week of traveling, arrived home to both furnaces out- turned out birds had flown into the chimneys and had fallen into the motors... but I didn't know that the Friday night when I recorded this video. It was a lot to compartmentalize and I had to remind myself what I personally could control.

Download the worksheet and complete the list as you begin to consider that it is not a  prescription outside of yourself that will unlock your business success or bring your life into balance but it is instead inside of YOU. 

Course Curriculum

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    • ELEV8 magic pill

    • The MAGIC PILL for your business... a list of 10 Things

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Tiffany Noel Taylor

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