Busyness Detox

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I’ve worn the title of HUSTLER like a champion.

I knew I could “out work, outplay, or outlast” most of my competition. A great way to win a reality tv game show, but it’s no way to build a life.

Three years ago I had to come to terms with the fact that I was a WORKAHOLIC. And it was devouring me physically. Like any challenge and addiction, this meant I absolutely had to come face to face with MY RESPONSIBILITY for my behavior and my patterns.

At 44 my body said NO MORE. 30 years of people-pleasing, overachieving, striving, and saying YES brought me to a grinding halt.

I was sick, physically, as a result of my choices to STAY IN BUSYNESS. When even the technicians doing your labs are concerned, you know something has to change. And 36 months into my recovery from being a WORKAHOLIC I still battle my mind, my body, and my own limiting beliefs daily.

Can I allow myself a four day weekend?
Will those emails get done if I hand them off?
Do my clients mind responses from the team rather than me?
What has to wait until Monday if I’m on a 5-mile walk in the woods on Friday?
Can I take a nap in the middle of the day?

And yes, I can take a nap.

I have learned to prioritize self-care. The hour spent in meditation and improving my yoga practice is not optional. I know that I love the rush of a live launch, an in-person retreat, and the thrill of 5 states in as many days. But I have to build in breaks. Naps are healing for me.

I always book a hotel with a pool and a beautiful workout room. Not because I’m spoiled but because my body is a priority. And my body holds my brain which was bombarded with stress and a to-do list that could never be finished. I know what that looks like. And I know how easy it is to slip into the busy.

BUSYNESS did not make me more money. It was actually keeping me on a plateau. I discovered that I had to slow down to speed up. When I started putting my health and my life in balance with my business, my income doubled and then tripled. I found space to think and create. I know that my mindset improved with my time spent away from my business. I stepped off of the hamster wheel and became the CEO of ME.

Here’s to naps and long walks and early morning swims and late-night movies.

What BUSYNESS is keeping you from your best business year?

Are you ready for a BUSYNESS DETOX?

What's included?

5 Videos
2 Texts
2 PDFs
Tiffany Noel  Taylor
Tiffany Noel Taylor
Founder and Creative Director

About the instructor

Hi, I’m Tiffany.

What makes ME qualified to guide YOU?

 I paid off $22k in credit card debt in just 6 months with personal sales and bookings. I pulled my house out of foreclosure in 90 days selling products I loved. I turned a small investment into BIG dollar real estate holdings. I launched my own company and leveraged my gifts as a makeup artist into five figures a month. (We call that comma money around here!)

I’ve built multi-six figure incomes and have a whole lotta experience. Yes, ME! A wifey, a mom, a crazy dog lady.  I’ve done it broke and afraid. I’ve done it without “connections” and just chutzpah.

These days, I pride myself on my system that creates predictable revenue every month – and teaching women just like you how to do it, too.


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